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Chris Pitman Official Bio

Chris Pitman is a Grammy nominated American Musician, best known as a member of Guns N Roses from 1998 to Present. and is a Multi Media Visual Artist,painter, represented by The Metara Gallery in Rio De Janeiro.
He was nominated in 2012 by the Brazilian Film Academy for Best Film Soundtrack, and his work was also placed in TV, Novellas, Big Brother Brasil, and worked with various Brazilian Artists.In the past several years, he has worked with Electronic Dance Music as a performer and DJ, and has done shows In South America, Miami (Ultra Festival), Los Angeles, etc. under several monikers/personas, as BLOWOUT, BEATRAZR, I/HATE STRUCTURE, and is releasing a full length Album in 2016 with these projects.

Pitman studied at the Art Institute of Kansas City, Missouriand the University of Missouri. In 1993, Pitman worked with the controversial artist Les Levine.
His current works, painting, lithographs, prints have sold/displayed in Rio de Janeiro at The Metara Gallery, where he is represented by Susi Cantarino. In 1994, Pitman worked with [[Dr. Dre]] in Dre’s home studio. He also joined band ‘Tool’ on tour and played synth on Tool’s album ‘Ænima’. In 1995, he appeared on the album ”Bourgeois Kitten” by Blinker the Star. His band ‘REPLICANTS’ released a record on ZOO/BMG in 1995, which included members of TOOL, FAILURE, MEDICINE, ZAUM.  In 1997 his band a LUSK Released ‘FREE MARS’ to critical acclaim, and the single ‘BACKWORLDS’ had a hit video by Lin Burge and was heavily rotated on MTV, and was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

Pitman was co-founder of Los Angeles based art coalition ‘Priory of the North,’ which focuses on conceptual public art and works primarily with oil painting, lithography, oils, and metal. His Land/Environment projects have been onsite in various Midwest regional farmland sites in Lafayette County and Johnson County, Missouri. His Rio de Janeiro site-specific work titled “Mind/Land” has been delayed until permits and visas are issued.

==Guns N Roses==
In early 1998, Pitman joined Guns N Roses as Co-producer and the band’s synthesist and second bass player as well as performing backing vocals; he worked along side of Axl Rose in his home studio for 3 years, as Rose continued to rebuild Guns N’ Roses as the past members had quit. He has been a member of Guns N’ Roses ever since and was featured on keyboards on the non-album single “Oh My God” that was place in the Movie and Soundtrack ‘End of Days’ with Arnold Schwarzenegger” in 1999 and on every song on the long-awaited studio album ”Chinese Democracy”. On the record Pitman plays mostly keyboards and sub-bass as well as programming and background vocals, he plays a 12-string guitar on “If The World” and a Mellotron on “There Was A Time”. He also co-wrote the songs “If The World”, which was placed in the Leo Dicaprio Movie ‘Body of Lies’ and soundtrack,  and the song “Madagascar” alongside frontman Axl Rose. Pitman has performed live with Guns N’ Roses since their comeback concert in January 2001 and he has been one of the longest members to remain. Pitman filled in for Stinson on bass in a 2007 show that Stinson was unable to attend.

==Workshop projects==
Pitman has also done sound design and electronic work for Arturia software synthesizers, A Designs Audio [Peter Montessi],  Waves Plugins, Waldorf Synthesizers, Apple’s Logic Audio, , Moog Synthesizers, , Roland USA, Korg Music, Serge Synthesis [SMS], PlanB Synthesis Peter Grenader,  Mandala Drums

==Current status==
GUNSNROSES 2016, BEATRAZR, I/HATE STRUCTURE, upcoming releases 2016

Chris Pitman was born in Kansas City, Missouri on November 16, 1961

Official website| Official Myspace Official BEATRAZR website