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Zaum: The Apparatus

Lyrics by CP    1994

You, yes you have been chosen to face this new invention of
modern structures, this huge machine works all by itself
its called The Apparatus

Im going to describe it first, before I set it in motion
Its built around three major parts:

The Wand
The Bed
The Glove

The Wand appears to do its work at 2000 revs a minute,
as it quivers, its points pierce the skin of the head
and drives its way deep into your …..

The exquisite of tortures comes to pass after the sixth hour
Enlightenment proceeds the pain, trancends the condemned man

The Bed is shaped like a body formed in steel
The Glove is fitted comfortably around your neck
attached to it is a felt gag, to place in your mouth to conceal
the petty cries against yourself

voice: If only all Rome had just one neck

Now, can you appreciate the work accomplished by The Wand?  and
Now, can you appreciate the whole Apparatus?

Well can ya?

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